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ICONIC Mag Issue 01


ICONIC Mag Issue 01.

ICONIC magazine is our anchor to an ecosystem. A tangible, physical epicentre of a sprawling universe we’re making around us as we go along. A start point of a million conversations. A place to point the curious.

Right now, we’re looking at a chaotic coming together of passions all around us every single day. They’re colliding and fusing with one another on impact. Entwining and overlapping. We see sport, fashion, music, gaming, art, and style all in the mix. With all to play for.

Above all, we wanted to feature and highlight some of the most exciting talent we could find. From athletes to DJs. Artists to producers. Fashion designers to writers. We wanted every page to pop and you to feel mildly assaulted as you read it from front to back.

Welcome to ICONIC Mag Issue 01, your queue jump to the front of popular culture.




Sam Pemberton

Jack Henderson

Isaac Holland

Sarah Story

Molly Thompson-Smith


Walid Saleh

Gabriel Massan

Morgan Allan

James Brown

Morfo Peyiazis

Snappy Runners

Erika Wykes-Sneyd

Future Cut


Editors in chief – James Kirkham + Ellie Farrer

Designed by – Ben Wrigglesworth

Edited by – Chris Smith

Produced by – Ellie Farrer


**A proportion of proceeds from Issue 1 will be donated to FareShare UK to help tackle the cost of living crisis.

**Delivery timelines may vary, we will try our best to get mags out as quickly as possible.

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